Interested to know if anyone's seen issues with Raspberry Pi 4 and 2.4Ghz wifi. It just barely sees my 5Ghz and seems to have better signal on 2.4 but it intermittently disappears so I'm not able to connect to it reliably.

@elw I have a raspberry Pi 4 at our office in Portland. I'll set the unit up on Thursday, connect it to Wifi and report back my findings. Stand by to stand by.

@elw The Raspberry PI 4 thing isn't going well. First issue, no mini hdmi cable. No prob. file called ssh in the /boot dir enables ssh on startup. (Headless). Next issue. Powered by USB C and I have no USB C cable. Found a Macbook charge cable but the PI isn't turning on. ?? I remember something about e marked cables not working?? I'll try again at home. I have lots of cables including mini hdmi there.

@elw Signals on my RPI 4 seem to be what I would expect considering its compromise antenna, not bad. Its seeing both my 2.4 and 5G networks with reasonable signal strengths. I have two different access points separated by floors and it is seeing both OK.

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