Unpopular Opinion 

Unpopular Opinion 

@elw This opinion of yours is unpopular because it is ignorant and wrong. If you think anyone from these places can be "won back" with words, you're both delusional and, again, wrong.

These places were created because these people were social outcasts from wherever they were going before. School, home, job, mainstream social media, they all have been made undesirable, often for good reasons. In these places (Gab, 4chan, 8chan) they can be themselves among their peers without fear of social opprobrium. They are living their best social life among like-minded people.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are "universally reprehensible" behaviors and opinions (like judging someone by their skin color, sex, gender or religion or plotting to rape/murder anyone), and while it doesn't stop anyone from having them, it makes it harder for them to socialize in the traditional places, which lead to the creation of these places.

The denizens of these places aren't lost sheep just waiting for you to swoop them back into the fold, they have been forcefully excluded from the fold in the first place, often for very good reasons, so they have formed their own parallel fold where they certainly aren't waiting for you to convince them of the err of their ways. They already have been shown their ways were bad regarding to the social-cultural norms, and instead of atoning, they have decided to double-down and only associates with their kin.

In closing, I would say you are flaunting your own world view naiveté where no one is truly irredeemable and anyone not trying to engage with them is necessarily ill-motivated.

Some people just are bad, Ted.
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