MetaArpa dues paid on 2018-10-04 but my meta membership was revoked @SDF

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@elw I've been considering joining MetaARPA, but I don't really *need* any of the extra features. TLS on my homepage is the only thing I want. Are there other benefits not listed on ?

@seven1m more hosting space, access to a more powerful shell server running a modern Linux environment. Access to tmux/screen, SMTP access and much more. not to mention supporting one of the last great services on the net.

@elw does it not let you log onto the metaarray, or are you just not seeing it when you do uinfo?

@zaylea I've received several past due emails, I get the interactive MOTD when I sign in to, my group ID is now "arpa" and I can't login to the metaarray.

@elw ugh. Hope it gets resolved. I was asking about uinfo because sometimes that gets messed up. Like I’ve been ARPA for 15+ years and paid for 3 yrs meta up front, and it only shows me as validated (but I have access to meta stuff)

@elw can you send a note to membership? it doesn't looked revoked, just expired but your MetaArray account is still active.

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