My zip code has a zero in it. I hit the maru of the maru/batsu keys twice before I figured out why it was failing.

The BeOS 4.5 from 1999. Real-time reactive file manager GUI and a Unix shell.

New toy! HP 4957A serial protocol analyzer. Hand for scale. This thing is Very Cute.

New-to-me: "The Green Book", Principles of Electricity applied to Telephone and Telegraph Work. It's in gorgeous condition!

Who else remembers netscape -install on 8-bit paletted color displays?

(Surprisingly, xwd seems to have captured all of the palettes in use, and the resulting psychedelic color effect is not visible! Check out the dithering in that xwd, though.)

A DEC VXT 2000 graphics terminal from the early 90s. Basically a diskless VAX netbooting an X server.

I wanted my to feel fancy and cool like a Real Computer, so I treated it to a wire wrap.

(And yes, the wrap on the right is not properly relieved, it will be fine.)

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