I bought an entire Silent 707 terminal set to get this. No, I don't know what I'll do with it, stop asking.

@elb I've never seen a coupler like that. Wow.

@spicytamazon Yeah, same, I love it! It's the matching coupler for a TI Silent 707 terminal. The brown strap hanging off to the right is a hold-down strap for the handset, it velcros across the top and onto the left side.

I'm used to seeing the kind with the two round cups to catch the handset of a WE 500, but this would take a slimline or other handset. I don't know how good its noise isolation is in comparison, but ... it's only 300 bps, Bell 103.

@elb @spicytamazon part of me thinks it’d be unreliable? I suppose I’m thinking of earlier couplers that were rubber cups to make it silent.

@elb what will you "do with it"? What the hell does that have to, umm, well, do with it?

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