So in the past few weeks I had been listing, delisting then relisting, listing again, delisting again… old computers etc that I have not been using (well using but for fun and entertainment lol)… and the same loop went on and on maybe about 5 times (I’m not kidding). Even put my bike on sale —- I have also just delisted it LOL I had the same purging spree the last time I moved a few years ago but that one I somehow succeeded giving up my priceless (but old and maybe useless) tech [1]

[2] so I have realized deep inside I wanted to keep them but giving them up only because my space is small and my place is grtting a bit crowded… so my solution is —- get a bigger place LOL

OMG I’m going to be a hoarder

(I have more old tech stuff scattered everywhere in my room [and entire house]… the ones in the photo are just the ones I enjoy using right now LOL)


@snowdusk I recently read a quote that said: "Collect is an irregular verb. I collect, you hoard."

We're here for you. It's not hoarding if you need it, and YOU NEED IT.

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@elb aah that’s a really good way of validating my dilemma lol 😂. Thank you. YEAH this is not hoarding! It’s really collecting! (And I do use them maybe not everyday tho but still use!) 😅

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