#introduction old ops geek and a researcher focused on routing, routing security, internet measurement, automation, and coffee. one toe over the line from twitter (@enoclue).

@elb thanks. i think i had an account somewhere once, but lost track. for obvious reasons, trying fediverse more seriously now; and trying to find community, fellow refugees, and a mac desktop client which suits me (e.g. lets me block boosts from heavy boosters i follow).


@enoclue For what it's worth, I use the web client on desktop, but a dedicated client on mobile. Your usage patterns may vary, of course.

Boosting is certainly a way of life for some on the fediverse.

I actually wound up here a number of years ago because retrocomputing is huge on Mastodon (who knows why), but I've always been a sucker for decentralized, so I've adopted it as a home. Unlike many of the decentralized homes I've adopted, it seems like it might not die in obscurity.

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