It looks like a update at the end of 2021 caused a number of instances from other parts of the to lose follower/following status from SDF users. I lost about half of the accounts I was following and a somewhat smaller proportion of followers.

If I was following you, or you were following me, and the connection was lost, it wasn't intentional! Please re-follow or remind me that I used to follow. I'd hate to lose that good or content!

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Thanks to @cosullivan and @claudiom for sorting out what happened and the timeline.

It seems like it affected mostly instances running older versions of Fediverse software, and accounts that have manual follow approval, as I understand it.

I see a snapshot on the Internet Archive for my profile, which shows I used to be following 114 (now 51) and had 395 followers (now 179)

That snapshot is from June.

So I'm now half-disconnected, or semi-detached as we say in the UK.

(For you, @elb, I see it was 54+55 and is now 34+54)

@elb @cosullivan @claudiom

I suppose it's time to post another introduction - if the problem is fixed.

Presumably if it was an upgrade that afflicted my instance, the same upgrade will yet afflict other instances.

@elb @cosullivan @claudiom

@EdS @cosullivan @claudiom A post on board suggests that the loss is a combination of pruning actual dead fediverse peers and some unidentified problem. I don't mind the pruning of dead peers, but I regret the (as yet unacknowledged?) loss of contacts on active instances.

@EdS that is reasonable to presume. I haven't yet seen bugs of this issue in Github. No replies on the Mastodon subReddit.
Losing 60% of my connections bothered me a few of those are active accounts I have frequent and happy conversations with. They on the outside don't see the severance @elb @claudiom

@elb Oh shit. I haven't even begun to look at this.

@Ricardus Check ClaudioM and Christine's timelines (linked in a reply to the original message) for more info. It probably hit you, too. :-(

@elb Just casually looking at my follows and followers, it looks like the numbers are lower.

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