@elb I love old books like that. I just scored a copy off Abe Books for $3.93 total.

@elb Oh that's such an old book! I might still have my copy ... probably bought in 1987 or thereabouts


why does the cover art on old tech books, manuals and documentation look so fucking amazing? what happened to the wizards and cyberspace and shit?

@AngryHortlerNoises @elb computers were a new frontier that held endless possibilities for the future, the programmers of that era were its pioneers. Now they're just gay content consumption machines.

@elb We need to collect a list of tech books, pamphlets and posters with magic or wizardry themes.

@elb@mastodon.sdf.org installs VMS on all your systems Where are your daemons of power now, oh Unix Wizard?


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