For clarification ...

This is a TI Silent 707, a 300 baud telephone terminal (it has a built-in modem) with an RS-232 adapter plugged into the back.

This is the smallest portable printing terminal that I'm aware of (aside from the Silent 703, which doesn't require the adapter as it has RS-232 built in!). It's rather slow, partly because the carriage return is very slow.

It's logged into a Pentium 166 MMX running Slackware 3.5.

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@elb I wonder if it uses the same size paper as my Panasonic Sr Partner. I imagine these odd sized thermal paper rolls are impossible to get now. All I have is the half roll in my printer 😞

My MC10 printer is also some funky size

@junkman The Silent 700 series is standard 8.5" thermal FAX paper. I have an HP-85 that's some sort of unobtainable width, though.

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