I use C-] as my screen escape key. Once in a blue moon I accidentally hit C-\ instead of C-] (with the predictably disastrous consequences). Frankly, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Most of my keyboards these days have [ and ] inboard of t and y (Ergodox, 75-key ortholinear, Preonic (requires layer keys)), but I used C-] for literally decades before switching to ergonomic keyboards of these styles.

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@elb I have an #ultimatehackingkeyboard and am quite happy with it. Never used a chord for Esc, and was somewhat surprised that #DEC vt* keyboards didn't have the key!

I use a IBM model M #keyboard on my #vt510 (which is a rare DEC terminal that accepts PC keyboards) and enjoy that experience, and the Esc key does work on it!

Tried an ortholinear #keyboardio but it was too hard to go back and forth between it and a regular laptop keyboard for me.

@jgoerzen I think that's a neat design, too, but I don't have one. I definitely like moving more keys onto my thumbs; I have space, backspace, enter, and delete on my Ergodox thumb clusters. I just looked, because I thought it did, and my VT100 has an ESC key. My Tek 4010 does NOT, though; it's a Ctrl+something key combination on that. I'm not sure ctrl+what, it's ASCII 63, so [ is shift+k; I'd have to check the manual.

@elb You have a VT100?! OK, you have won. Whatever it is, that wins :-) is the sort of keyboard I'm used to seeing. That upper-left key isn't Esc by default. I'd have to go look up how it might generate Esc, because I forget. I blogged about the Esc issue at and there are some comments on it there.

@jgoerzen this one is technically a VT105, it has (virtually unused) VT55 graphics modes.

@elb That is FANTASTIC! (Love the ssh to @SDF also; I've been a member for yeras) How did you get ahold of it?

@jgoerzen @SDF The terminal? It came in a lot of vintage minicomputer stuff I bought a couple of years ago. The PDP-11/34A it's _supposed_ to be hooked to is behind where I'm sitting when I took the photo. ;-)

I was on SDF MANY years ago, but lapsed, and have only recently rejoined. I love the idea of a shared Unix system like I used to enjoy when shared systems were a Thing.

@jgoerzen @SDF I try to rep SDF in my terminal posts since they're hosting my Mastodon. 🙂

@elb @SDF I do check the local timeline there about as often as the local timeline where I'm at. I wound up using a different Mastodon host due to the dated installation there at the time (since fixed) and some performance issues, but SDF is a fantastic organization (along side the Tildes)

Now if I could just get them to process my #UUCP feed request... 🙂

@jgoerzen @SDF Well, keep an eye on my feed for (I'm sure) more terminals logged into SDF; this is already number two. I hope to get a Tek 4012 up and running in the not-so-distant future, that'll be a treat. (I have a working 4010, but since it's ASCII 63, I can't log in anywhere!)

@elb @SDF The nice thing about your feed is that when my wife says "7 terminals from the 80s is excessive" I can always say "eh, it's not so bad. Look at this guy's collection!" 😁

Trouble is, I would love to have a vt100 and a teletype....

@jgoerzen @SDF I need you to document those 7 terminals for me so that I can use the same argument. "I don't have one of THOSE, though!" (Apologies if they are already documented and I just don't know!)

@elb @SDF Hah! Wyse WY-55 (green), IBM 3151 (amber), and five VT420s and VT510s in green, amber, and white. Some are all-original while others have new CRTs. All are in working order.

The VT510s I use the most, sometimes daily for "focus mode", due to supporting remappable keys and PS/2 keyboards. The IBM3151 is a strange beast, supporting "3151 mode" and "ascii mode" which have totally different firmware screens. Both work with Linux.

@elb @SDF I hook them to a Raspberry Pi 4 with Wifi, letting me have a mobile cart I can use to ssh to my main systems. It also runs GNU Screen, which solves the XON/XOFF issue with ssh (I presume you've run into that one also?)

@jgoerzen @SDF generally the XON/XOFF problem with vintage systems connected to modern computers is Real. I was surprised, though, to encounter it yesterday with apt search on my daughter's chromebook using the standard chrome terminal!

@elb @SDF Yes, the problem is that ssh puts the terminal into raw mode and expects the remote to handle XON/XOFF, which, when buffering and latency is considered, the handling of XOFF is too slow and overrun in the terminal occurs. Sigh. I really should build a DTR/DSR to RTS/CTS cable for the vt510...

@jgoerzen @SDF My problem is that so many vintage systems don't support hardware handshaking at all.

@jgoerzen As far as ortholinear, that trouble went away for me after about two weeks. It was pretty rough switching back and forth during that period, though! All of my regular use keyboards are ortholinear, now.

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