Living Computer Museum has upgraded their Multics from MR12.6f to MR12.7. Login as Tourist password tourist on to BLINK the LIGHTS and experience Multics on the 6180

@robert588 Looks promising, I remember those Tnady's from my childhood and teenage years

Join us in 1 hour at 02:00 UTC / 7PM PST for Vintage Comp-U-Talk with our guest Robert Bernardo of the Fresno Commodore User's Group. Robert will update us on all things happening in the world of COMMODORE.

Some of the recent additions for my library of period/old tech books, and I have more on the way. The Typesetting on the UNIX System book is exceptionally interesting to me, given the history of UNIX itself.

My bull pup needs a rehoming here in Aus,Jeff is a nice boy .you need him let me know so we can meet up ,coming with all his new job is getting me so mobile no more time to take care of him😥

My client describe this computer as a "few years old". This machine is old enough to drink.

4 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Lenovo T500 ThinkPad (Grand Prize) are prizes in the SDF Plan9 Summer Boot Camp which kicked off today and runs until September 22nd, 2022

Come learn about Plan9 in a fun and friendly community!


The SDF AT&T 605 UNiX Terminal is free once again to travel! You can check it out and display it at your local event. Details available here:

Here’s an old film version of your funny opera, 鳳閣恩仇未了情。 And it’s 未了情 not 末了情, which makes more sense if admittedly less obvious in spelling difference, haha. I like the subtitles are in proper right to left. I’ve not seen that in so long.

Thanks to the New York Times Crossword today, I learned my Prime Minister worked as a bouncer and a snowboard instructor.
I ❤️ that my spouse gives me the 🇨🇦 and 🇫🇷 -language clues for me to fill in.

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