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This is a programmed toot to let you know that the Unix timestamp will be 1,600,000,000 in 40 seconds! Check it out in your system with `[watch -p -n 1] date +%s`

Fairphone 3+ features upgraded front and back cameras. However, Fairphone 3 users can buy the camera modules separately and install them in their phones if they want. How have we allowed something so obvious to look so extraordinary?

Such a great reply to someone suggesting that other languages has the features of Lisp these days:

"What I see is that there's no single language that has everything that makes Lisp a powerful and unique language. Some of them compile to machine code (but they're always batch-compiled). Some languages are dynamically typed (but only the statically-typed ones can compete with Lisp on speed). Some have garbage collection (but reference counting is more common). Others have functional programming (but Python still doesn't have lambdas). Others have class precedence lists (but most languages that do OOP take after Java). Others have :before and :after hooks (but only for a few specific frameworks). A few give you limited freedom to redefine certain things at runtime. Some have REPLs (but they're never as powerful as Lisp's REPL). Some allow you to redefine classes at runtime and have the changes reflected in existing objects. Some even have AST macros (but they're always either far more complicated than Lisp macros, or they're far less powerful).

There's even a mainstream language that has multimethods, but I can't remember which one.

But Lisp alone puts the best version of all of those things in one language, without the "but"s. Lisp also has a few features that haven't been seen in mainstream programming languages since the 1970s, such as resumable exception handling."

So in case you didn't know there are a bunch of cool Plan 9-related projects on

Digital audio workstation

Music player

AV1 video player


Fennel port

Bunch of stuff from ~kvik

I am so happy the band and the fans are still showing so much love for this song after all these years. Arcade Fire was one of my favourite bands during high school and it still feels so special:

I still remember that my family's computer had a Windows XP version with Winamp preinstalled among other bloat (I was far too young to know how to do it and my father could not care less). This project is amazing:

I admit I like The Weeknd quite a lot so I'm biased, but yesterday's performance in the MTV VMA is absolutely crazy in almost every aspect - The Weeknd Performs "Blinding Lights" | 2020 MTV VMAs

I just got one of the coolest crowdfunding rewards ever: this super tiny light meter by Reveni Labs that can be mounted into a flash shoe mount of your camera! Hopefully, I'll have the chance to use it soon - I have not been out shooting with my film camera since Christmas.

Also, I can now firmly state: clipping and lubing stabilizers is a huge pain in the ass. It was my first time doing it and I spent far too much time cleaning lube stains from the PCB.

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Today is the day, folks! All parts arrived and I spent most of the evening assembling this beauty. It is a DZ60RGB (v2 and hot swap) rocking Zealios v2 (grams) so far so good: it is heavy, sturdy and butter smooth typing. I have not dug in the QMK settings yet but the defaults are quite good.

Woooah I forgot I preorder this quite a long time ago... This is basically my childhood remastered.

It is time to update the Slack photo I have at work. Currently, I have the bear that appears when Firefox is not able to automatically restore the session.

Sigh, I did it. I bought The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PSA: 5 euros in GoG including expansions).

For my 2020 spoilt standards, it looks like absolute shit, and despite that I know I'm going to spend a stupid amount of time playing it like I did with Skyrim.

Today I learnt about chromatic circles, it seems easy at first, but it's fucking not.

Made a simple color picker thing, implementing complementary colors now.

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@dvicente They stopped Kitkat getting a trademark/something on the shape because they got their first.

Do you know one of the things I miss from Norway? Kvikk Lunsj. It's just like a tastier KitKat, and I always had one when hiking. I even remember guys from the kayak club packing them like ammo in the wetsuit before hopping in the river.

It is so nice and cute that the inside of the wrapping features a famous hike in the country!

@dvicente I can also recommend to check out wikifs. It's great with acme and supports versioning and history. I use it for taking notes about my projects. It uses some markdown-like syntax but has not that many features.

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