@captainepoch@cmpwn.com at the current pace, circa 2025

I finally migrated my blog (diego.codes) to Hetzner, a German green hosting provider (...and away from GitHub). It was quite smooth overall: I placed the order, migrated the contents from GH Pages to the SFTP server and configured the certificates and DNS all while watching a football match - roughly an hour.

For my fellow data scientist out there, I am using Optuna to perform hyperparameter search in a project and it's giving great results so far, in case you want to check it out optuna.readthedocs.io/en/stabl

Turns out that @darktable@mastodon.social has now a Mastodon account! One of the most ambitious open source projects I use regularly

@peregrine@merveilles.town I personally use NixOS. It is still a bit clunky and overkill for the desktop but some of the advantages it has are huge for me - i.e. if a new version of the nvidia driver breaks your setup, you can roll back straight from the grub. It mainly depends on how skilled writing Nix (or interested in learning) you are

@claudiom That description is so incredibly accurate for the most part of the cases on sale.

@penguin42 I don't have a huge desk, so I went for a small form factor case with good airflow - something that is not compatible with a solid glass window on the side of it. So yes, different ways to achieve the same result and thankfully discard flashy gaming aesthetics

@penguin42 I think that the parts I have right now are quite OK: the motherboard still has some ugly decorations in it and the RAM sticks are covered in a metal piece shaped after a military cargo crate (really WTF), but... Well, why would anyone look at my RAM anyway? Haha

@claudiom And I am building a small form factor tower, so my main issue is finding a case that looks nice enough and then switching off all the stupid lights inside. Buying a laptop has to be a complete different adventure

I am building for the first time a PC and I am coming to the realization that if I want to game, I have sometimes no other choice than to buy gaming parts to get the desired performance. Which makes me think: aren't like, a lot of adults into gaming? Why does everything feel so childish? Everything has colorful flashy lights, tribal decals a la 2002, military-related names (Ballistix, Predator, Tomahawk)... It feel just that, childish.

First impressions on No Man's Sky 

Also, if you have any interest at all in the evolution, there is this great video by The Internet Historian: youtube.com/watch?v=O5BJVO3PDe

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First impressions on No Man's Sky 

I have been playing No Man's Sky for a week now and I think it is a pretty good game. I love exploration games, and even though it was a bumpy ride for Hello Games I think they have redeemed themselves. It is great to be able to roam a huge universe with a sutpidly wide range of activities to do: a main campaign, secondary missions, base building, mining (at all scales), biology... even archaelogy, and who knows what else that I have yet to discover!

@rothair@mastodon.technology @ekaitz_zarraga@mastodon.social Hard to make a tl;dr in 500 chars, but github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs is your friend!

@ekaitz_zarraga@mastodon.social I mean, yes, but I'm not savvy enough yet to do so in a reasonable amount of time at work, so I prefer to have an emergency exit hahaha

I am making some advances in my Nix/NixOS configuration. Currently testing if my current setup works seamlessly both in NixOS and non-NixOS systems (I still feel more comfortable using Debian for work just in case some stupid app only provides .deb/.rpm)

The only good thing that Hacktoberfest is going to yield this year is the coinage of the term "nontribution"

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After all I'm reading regarding the Hacktoberfest spam, I guess that is going to be a tough choice to wear that t-shirt in public. I'm sorry for all the folks that are doing it fair and square, submitting useful and honest PRs; looks like they are just getting new pajamas

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

@matt@matt-social.co.uk I brew only a single cup of coffee at a time (and enjoy the ritual tbh) so it is quite practical for me compared to the French Press.

I got it last Christmas, so not a lot of expeditions for me since - thanks, Covid 😓

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