I just got one of the coolest crowdfunding rewards ever: this super tiny light meter by Reveni Labs that can be mounted into a flash shoe mount of your camera! Hopefully, I'll have the chance to use it soon - I have not been out shooting with my film camera since Christmas.

Today is the day, folks! All parts arrived and I spent most of the evening assembling this beauty. It is a DZ60RGB (v2 and hot swap) rocking Zealios v2 (grams) so far so good: it is heavy, sturdy and butter smooth typing. I have not dug in the QMK settings yet but the defaults are quite good.

Woooah I forgot I preorder this quite a long time ago... This is basically my childhood remastered.

It is time to update the Slack photo I have at work. Currently, I have the bear that appears when Firefox is not able to automatically restore the session.

Do you know one of the things I miss from Norway? Kvikk Lunsj. It's just like a tastier KitKat, and I always had one when hiking. I even remember guys from the kayak club packing them like ammo in the wetsuit before hopping in the river.

It is so nice and cute that the inside of the wrapping features a famous hike in the country!

I just mentioned today that I am building a new keyboard in a toot to @orbjet@fosstodon.org and this appeared in my doorstep! This bag of candy has been traveling for a month and a half.

It has been ages since I opened GitHub (happy Sourcehut user over here), but I stumbled upon my own profile while migrating. It seems like GitHub and Microsoft have stored some of my code in the Cave of Solitude?

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