I am building for the first time a PC and I am coming to the realization that if I want to game, I have sometimes no other choice than to buy gaming parts to get the desired performance. Which makes me think: aren't like, a lot of adults into gaming? Why does everything feel so childish? Everything has colorful flashy lights, tribal decals a la 2002, military-related names (Ballistix, Predator, Tomahawk)... It feel just that, childish.

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@dvicente I think I've mostly avoided it on the machine I just built; everything is matt black with black and more black :-) although the motherboard is a 'pro' varient (and costs the same as the gamer version) it still does have sockets on the board for LED strips - I just don't use it (and there will be an used 8051 derivative chip that will never have any use on my board!)

@penguin42 I think that the parts I have right now are quite OK: the motherboard still has some ugly decorations in it and the RAM sticks are covered in a metal piece shaped after a military cargo crate (really WTF), but... Well, why would anyone look at my RAM anyway? Haha

@dvicente No one is going to look at my ram because I haven't got a silly window in the side of the case; instead I've got a nice solid case with a good layer of sound dampening material.

@penguin42 I don't have a huge desk, so I went for a small form factor case with good airflow - something that is not compatible with a solid glass window on the side of it. So yes, different ways to achieve the same result and thankfully discard flashy gaming aesthetics

@dvicente @penguin42 I recently had the same experience. Ended up with mostly server parts, so plain green PCB (both MB and RAM) and no orcs in bikinis or other silliness. The hardest was finding a decent tower case without stupid windows or blinkenlights.

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