Today is the day, folks! All parts arrived and I spent most of the evening assembling this beauty. It is a DZ60RGB (v2 and hot swap) rocking Zealios v2 (grams) so far so good: it is heavy, sturdy and butter smooth typing. I have not dug in the QMK settings yet but the defaults are quite good.

Also, I can now firmly state: clipping and lubing stabilizers is a huge pain in the ass. It was my first time doing it and I spent far too much time cleaning lube stains from the PCB.

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@dvicente How do you like the keycaps? I've been looking at that set for some time.

@pineapple It is my favourite set so far. I really enjoy the DSA profile. The PBT has a very nice texture and is quite thick compared to my other PBT sets (GMK Space Cadet and the Poker 3 defaults). I also find them absolutely gorgeus despite (or because of) how simple they look.

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