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From a book called "How life works" by W. & D. Elliott. "I had been familar with electrical charges in biochemistry, where they are very important, but when I sat down to explain what they are I realised that I didn't know. Most of us take them for granted. A physicist revealed to me that nobody knows what they are."

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Connection of all can bring everyone a good life
Some are aware of this through naturally balanced systems. It is also clear to many today that we through our current methods -governments,NGO etc. that we can't come to a good balanced life for all
However, there is a positive force that pervades and unites everything that can balance and connect all to the good life
We are important in this connection and we all have an important part to play. Just being aware brings us closer to the good life

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Good attitudes between all people and countries means a good life for all. We discover we complement each other.

A person is considered efficient and beneficial to the system to the extent that he or she promotes good connections between people, and complementarity and reciprocity within society.🌐

Every healthy individual has complete control over one’s organs, which is based solely on love, because the organs joyfully obey without any fear of punishment🤸 ⛹️ 🧗

If humans were to model the lifestyle displayed by healthy community of cells, our societies and our planet would be more peaceful and vital.

–Bruce Lipton, in “The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology”

nature will always defeat us until we will want to care for good relations between all people

All the best to all. Tip for the day - plant a tree, take care of it and watch it grow, better still plant some trees with friends or family, if you can🌴 🌲 🌳

or unix shell account at

'ssh' at your shell prompt

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New possibilities are opening to humanity as a whole as we are in the integral system of nature - all connected 😀 🐋 🌐

COVID-19 is helping us re-program the relations between us towards the more intergral society we find ourselfs in. External and internal relations - Social/economic relations, communication and thoughts.

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