Wow and today I hear about mutt but I am not sure how difficult is move from thunderbird to mutt I receive a lot of mails (a lot at least for me) so I have rules and retention policies.

Tomorrow I will be the DM of the house with "hero kids" what could be wrong?

Today I work a little in erlang , just add a config.

Retaking a machine learning course to refresh the memory!

@badbit, en tu pagina tienes la foto de un callejon, yo solia trabajar en ese edificio del fondo

nice gogs with raspberry pi, my first try was gitlabs but its too much for the pi.

I will check column and tr soon , but lolcat and hollywood linux commands are funny

wow I just found about linux sort and uniq they are awesome! :d

I won't give a reason for doing it , I will just give an introduction.

I am a backend dev. I like to read novels like dune, Ender's game my favorite movie probably is Constatine.

I am a doctor who fan. My favorite thing to eat are the montreal's begels!

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