Diving into my mother's HP Linux printer nightmare... 😒

@dubst3pp4 hplib and it's done ? PPD file are also provided if you want to go "manual" ^^' archlinux, as always, has good "Linux generic" documentation :)

@df5t0rw unfortunately not. Installing hplip was not a pleasure but a lot of manual work. Now the HP GUI detects the printer, but as soon as it was added, it immediately disappears from the list. Never had such trouble with a printer like this one...

@dubst3pp4 what is the model of the printer ? In any case, a CUPs server with the correct driver (extracted from hplip) do work, there is not so much to do with a regular system.

I mean if you have systemd and hplib, that's about it. If you have openrc there is indeed a loot of manual actions to do. There is also some systemd service to launch for network discovery. But if it work via usb, the problem is not "printer related" anymore :)

@dubst3pp4 I never used the HPlip Gui. Maybe you could try using native printer tools from the desktop environment ?

@df5t0rw yes I'm using CUPS and the driver for printing is no problem. The problem is that the hplip GUI / hplip-setup doesn't correctly recognizes the printer - so my mother is unable to do maintenance tasks like cleaning the jets... 🤔

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