Calling on 146.52 today on my HT that's remotely controlling my rig in the car for higher power. It's using the locked band repeater function of the Kenwood TM-D710G. So my little .5w HT on the 440 side is retransmitting at 50w on 146.52. Now hopefully I can hear anybody that might come back to me on my HT directly since I'm not using my car's rig in cross band mode. Let's all use .52 people! :)

@drtelnet we have a growing group in my area that use 52. And other simplex even do some sideband on our verticals sometimes. I love simplex. Lets you know what your station is capable of. Nice and quiet. No tones or beeps or squelch tails. Just turn the knob and communicate. I always love to hear how surprised folks are with how far their stations go. Glad to hear you are having some fun with it too!

@Hawk1291 yeah it's been a lot of fun, just wish more people used it around here in eastern Iowa. I'm putting my call sign out there to bring people out and actually hit the PTT! :) Maybe I'll annoy somebody to just come back and talk to me to shut me up, ha!

@drtelnet haha no doubt! Been there too. Eventually someone chimes in. 😃 also keep an eye on the vhf band openings by checking this site:

When there's a big red blob over your area there are usually more folks on air and can get some good long range contacts!

@Hawk1291 Thank you! I'll check that out, that looks useful!

@drtelnet no problem! And BTW it helps to zoom in to get the blobs to show up.

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