#introductions - Hi there! I’m happy to join this community. I’m based in France, within Paris or time to time Lyon.

I am keen on #hf with a Yeasu FT-891. Mainly in #ssb and #ft8, but currently learning #cw (lot of work 😅). Operating from Paris is hard, so I work mostly in #portable and I try to #sota!

In the meantime I work as a software engineer coding in #go and #python. I code as a hobby a #minitel server and l do electronics from ham: CW keyer, LORA, etc…

73, Noël


@F4JJD welcome. Learning CW myself. Hope to hear you on the air eventually!

@drelcott @F4JJD

Greetings Noël, hope you like it here!

Both of you: PLEASE do yourself the favor to not learn slow CW like I did years ago. The CW I first learned was so slow it allowed me to (briefly) think about each letter as it came in. Once thoroughly practiced, that thinking is a terrible habit to unlearn.

But unlearn it I had to, to reach subconscious decoding and decent CW speed.

Research Koch method. Shameless plug: One place to read it up is my gitlab.com/4ham/koch-method-re .

@dj3ei @drelcott I agree with you! Thanks for your advise! I’m learning CW with the Koch method too. I set it up at 20wpm with the Farnsworth spacing.

For each new character I train a lot until I’m fluent in copying, and it does not require any effort. I do a lesson about every day for 15’. But I’m still frustrated of my slow progression

@drelcott @F4JJD

Also greetings from Berlin to Paris. Maybe we could do a capital to capital QSO one day, e.g., with CW or #JS8!

If you like #sota, check #gma. Its a related program where every hill can be activated that peaks at least 100 m above see level and has a name in an official map. Even flat Berlin has a few of those! You can even yourself enter any such hill into the database. cqgma.org/ has details on GMA (and lots of similar fun programs).

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