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Do the right thing, even when you think no one is watching.

It’s called Integrity.

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[at the podium, after lecture]
Student: this isn't a question about lecture, but ... it's that a SLIDE RULE on your belt?
Me: why yes it is, thank you for asking.

Project this week: implement two-factor authentication for Secure Computer Systems.

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So we've begun to create a Fediverse multi protocol digital voice network: fediverse.radio/#DV

This network so far only includes TGIF DMR and Yaesu Fusion System. What do you want to see also included? What other way of accessing the Fediverse voice chat would you prefer?

Brandmeister DMR?
Something else?

Any help or suggestions are welcome. Also if someone would like to run a reflector/TG/whatever and have it bridged with the existing ones.

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it's #mastoween time!

we're kicking it off with the Worst Witch (1986) because its cheesy and terrible and fun. it's on youtube

then after that we'll start doing actual horror movies

** This Thursday Sept 22 9pm Central (2am UTC) **

please watch and live toot it with us!

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In Australia the AX Prefix is reserved for 3 special days each year, however with the Queens passing it has been unofficially accepted that 19-23 of September that the AX Prefix may be used. For example instead of myself using VK3XEM, I would be able to use AX3XEM if I so desired.

So if you hear any AX stations operating over the next day or so they are good to work.
#Amateurradio #Hamradio

✅ Weekly end-of-module quizzes complete.
✅ Project 1 of Secure Computer Systems (Memory Protection) submitted.
✅ Project 2 of Computer Networks (Distance Vector, Bellman-Ford algorithm implementation) submitted.

Fairly busy, but productive, week for .

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In 1994 SDF got its first 1GB SCSI drive, a 5.25" full height Fujitsu attached to an Adaptec 1541CF

Here is df output from August of 1994 showing how the drive was sliced with space for USENET, user directories in /u and the new /udd, as well as FTP and Gopher in /pub.

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The bench is back! (Sang to the tune of Elton John)

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If you're a #Windows user and love using its Terminal app, you can now enjoy having themes. Yes, it even looks like there's a Hot Dog Stand theme! :flan_tongue: :crt_w_blue_screen: #Microsoft #WindowsTerminal


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When you’ve got a flip dot panel from a bus, it’s required to make it play Tetris. Never has the game sounded as good.

May Her Majesty rest in eternal peace.

God save the Queen.
God save the King.

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RANT: Why doesn't Lenovo simply remake the perfect (in my opinion) ThinkPad X220 chassis and upgrade the guts? (CPU/GPU/SSD)

Matte display, amazing keyboard, tons of I/O ports (no need for random dongles), etc.

#ThinkPad #Lenovo #X220

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