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"There is no Internet, it's just someone else CDNs" is the new: "There is no Cloud, it's just someone else computers".

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cam's WAVE.BAS file to create a normal distribution curve.

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Enigma machine on display at the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, GA.

DMR & hotspot running Pi-Star work well both at home and while mobile. 👍🏻

Alright, I finally got around to retiring my old Dell laptop that had been running my APRS station. Its replacement is a Raspberry Pi 3. My APRS station is back on the air.

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(). Shortest day of the year today. I hope I don't forget about the this evening as I would like to catch it in full view. 🌟

In the meantime, some is in order! ☕ 😊

Yes, you can use a dial-up modem over Google Voice. 1200 bps seems to be the most reliable—slow, but it appears to be stable.

I got my @SDF VoIP line set up on my OBi200 and thought it would be nice to have a desk phone.

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Coming up in 30 minutes at 0200 UTC is VINTAGE COMP! w/ jasmaz. Today's guest former MOOG Music and Sequential Circuits Product Specialist JOHN BOWEN.


This is part 1 or ? parts with John as he remembers what got him into synthesizers and what led to him helping to develop the PROPHET-5 synthesizer

My two year-old son made his first radio contact tonight to a station in New Mexico on FT8 on 20 meters. 😀

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