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Someday I'd love to do a similar treatment to headphones as MichaelCthulhu does with this hearing protection:

Big fan of the random pneumatic/gears style of "steampunk" myself. It doesn't make any sense, but you know... I like the look and that's all that matters!

So... You want to argue about humanity's role in climate change?

Fuck off. It doesn't matter who caused it - it's happening and the consequences are very real, and whether we are to blame or not doesn't change anything.

"Heritage Action for America" should be declared a domestic terrorist organization.

There's a recall for my bicycle.

What the hell.

Hmm... this is an interior wall between two cooled rooms, a foot away from the thermostat. I think this thermostat is on crack. (I am aware that the clock is fucked)

Oh dear, the racists are making noises in the fediverse again.

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πŸ†• WHO & @ilo analysis shows that working 55 hours or more per week impacts #WorkersHealth & increases risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Long working hours led to 745 000 deaths from #stroke & ischemic heart disease in 2016, a 2⃣9⃣% rise ↗️ since 2000.


[:tw: β€” #bot]

I'm wondering if I can just mute all of without missing anything worthwhile.

3D Printer shenanigans (Prusa MK3S) 

I've done it! Mwahaha! I mounted a Raspberry Pi4 to my Prusa via the Einsy Rambo J19 header.

No more stalls/dwells due to USB/RS232 bottlenecking!

Full writeup on Reddit, but basically the wiring is as such:

Pi GPIO bank -> Rambo J19
pin 8 (GPIO 14, UART TX) -> pin 6 (GPIO 19, RX1)
pin 10 (GPIO 15, UART RX) -> pin 8 (GPIO 18, TX1)
pin 9 (ground) -> pin 4 (ground)

The wires are twisted to reduce EMI.

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still can't believe people are calling it y2k38, instead of THE EPOCHALYPSE

United States Department of Defense, 1945:

Yet look at where we are today.

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Whenever mathematicians invoke theorems, I always picture them as anime characters calling out their attacks in a fight.

Dedekinnnndddd CUT! (slices across the real line)

Frobenius! Automorphism! (transforms into a car)

Taaaate... Shafareviiich... GROUP! (summons a swarm of sharp geometric shurikens)

RIEMAAAAANNNN!!! HYPOTHESISSSSS!! (ultimate attack, unblockable, ignores all defenses, huge mushroom cloud leaving behind a huge smouldering crater)


Stolen from reddit but fixed for rhythm:

Trumpty Dumpty promised a wall,
Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall,
All the golf courses and all the white men,
Couldn't Make America Great [once] Again;

Trumpty Dumpty never finished his wall,
Trumpty Dumpty lost the election this fall,
All the bad lawyers and all the Yes-men,
Couldn't get Trumpty elected again.

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From now until 12/1, dont believe anything - ANYTHING - you see on social media unless you know the person offline, or you are certain who it is and can point the person out in a crowd. Do not let the Russians trick you into believing garbage. Do not trust ANYTHING on Facebook.

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