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@rra is invaluable for me.

Flags etc requires a bit of further reading of the `re` module docs, but otherwise it's a godsend.

@mpmilestogo I haven't had a good cháo gà since the pandemic started. 🥺

@Nikolai_Kingsley either that or chanting "life feeds on..." endlessly.

It's the only reasonable action!

@Nikolai_Kingsley oh dear... I hope you introduced them to both Tool and Puscifer *immediately* and with *fervor.*

@deneb Normal with correction-related changes so long as you get used to it. If it persists more than a few days something else is up.

For example if the lenses aren't on the same plane they can screw with your convergence which can give you nausea and/or strain.
There's nothing worse than a shitty battery. Unless you have good data that the cheaper/bigger pack lasts as long as it should, I wouldn't risk it.

So... You want to argue about humanity's role in climate change?

Fuck off. It doesn't matter who caused it - it's happening and the consequences are very real, and whether we are to blame or not doesn't change anything.

Yea but where do you start? There's so many bones!

"Heritage Action for America" should be declared a domestic terrorist organization.


Don't reuse passwords!! Use something like keepassxc and/or so you can keep several in your head.



There's always K-Lube or J-Lube. Polyethylene oxide with a dispersal agent (the primary difference is what that is, and that matters depending on where you're going to be putting it). Mix with water at the right ratio and it's a passable imitation. Titanium dioxide for color if you care.

Rehydrates with water. Washes off with more (flowing) water, and salt makes it even easier.

Don't ask me how I know all this!

There's a recall for my bicycle.

What the hell.


I don't suppose it would matter to you if I tell you I work in bioinformatics/epidemiology and variants are definitely a thing that exist in all organisms that use DNA?


Ah, it's the iFixIt "Manta" kit. What's also useful to know is it has one of those adapters for the tiny bits to fit the larger size, in my case this lets me use my Wheeler torque driver with the whole set.


iFixIt has a kit that has a ton. I forget which kit this is, but you'd be able to find it by look if you needed.

For torx I see: T2-T5, TR6-TR10, TR[15,20,25,27,30,35,40]

Plus all sorts of others.

I think I paid $60 US on Amazon for the kit.

Hmm... this is an interior wall between two cooled rooms, a foot away from the thermostat. I think this thermostat is on crack. (I am aware that the clock is fucked)

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