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He just said "Isn't it weird that our skeletons are all wet right now?" and... I... :psyduck:

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@hierarchon I'll take "things that shouldn't be patentable" for $500!

@apps having a problem where hashtags and the background have the same color in fedilab when using the built-in dark theme.

@dankwraith I see people of all races saying that shit.

Seems more related to their political identity, rather than their racial identity.

@xameer huh? tar extracts just fine but will use your UID/GID instead.

@jonw just curious, but why host something like this? From my perspective it's just adding noise, and making it difficult to filter because it's not identified in metadata as a bot.

@calculsoberic oh that'll have to do. Appreciate your looking out for me like that!

Birthday, sad 

@msoucy we don't know each other, but happy birthday, buddy!

Hang in there.

@calculsoberic well shit, there go *all* of my plans for the next week.

Thanks :/

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@withaveeay I haven't owned many cameras and the only point-n-shoot still had manual focus as an option.

I didn't realize they made them without.


@withaveeay I run Magic Lantern (not the spyware, lol) on my old Canon.

One of my favorite features is that it can render dots on sharp contrast changes, which lets me manually focus quickly even if my own eyes are trash at the moment. Just sweep the focus until you get the dots all over the subject!

@June /me bangs rocks together

Og communicated with no yell!

Someday I'd love to do a similar treatment to headphones as MichaelCthulhu does with this hearing protection: youtube.com/watch?v=l9-2rGhFns

Big fan of the random pneumatic/gears style of "steampunk" myself. It doesn't make any sense, but you know... I like the look and that's all that matters!

@fluffy holy fuck. That's nearly 1.6 million USD at today's rate.

@sa2tms depends on your OS, and typically involves memorizing a code (perhaps unicode) or enabling additional modifier combos.

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