Hmm... this is an interior wall between two cooled rooms, a foot away from the thermostat. I think this thermostat is on crack. (I am aware that the clock is fucked)

3D Printer shenanigans (Prusa MK3S) 

I've done it! Mwahaha! I mounted a Raspberry Pi4 to my Prusa via the Einsy Rambo J19 header.

No more stalls/dwells due to USB/RS232 bottlenecking!

Full writeup on Reddit, but basically the wiring is as such:

Pi GPIO bank -> Rambo J19
pin 8 (GPIO 14, UART TX) -> pin 6 (GPIO 19, RX1)
pin 10 (GPIO 15, UART RX) -> pin 8 (GPIO 18, TX1)
pin 9 (ground) -> pin 4 (ground)

The wires are twisted to reduce EMI.

Every time you say "pog" this is what comes to mind.

Stop it. Stop making up stupid words when we already have perfectly fine words for that already.

Anyone bored this weekend want to help Dual Universe with their stress-test? I have an invite code good for 5 users and none of my friends are interested. Please come help out!

More information here:

If you want to join the stress test, use this link to create an account:

uspol, covid19 

The real MVP. Bruce Greenstein of the LHC group refusing to shake hands with Trump, electing to bump elbows instead.

Recall in recent days, Trump and Pence were likely exposed to the virus during their meeting with Fabio Wajnggarten (Bolsonaro's spokesman)


"Coronavirus," not "corona virus."

Just saying.

When you practice until your shoulder wants to kill you...

Game devs: consider the functional aspects of armor for at least 3 seconds when drawing up concepts!

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