Dusting off my 14 year old Nikon P5000 point-and-shoot on today's morning walk.

The autofocus on the P5000 is truly dreadful. It sometime snever focuses. Did I really enjoy this camera in its day, or did I endure its foibles?
Slowly finding little settings that improve this, but it still takes several seconds before it agrees to snap the shutter.


@withaveeay I run Magic Lantern (not the spyware, lol) on my old Canon.

One of my favorite features is that it can render dots on sharp contrast changes, which lets me manually focus quickly even if my own eyes are trash at the moment. Just sweep the focus until you get the dots all over the subject!

@draeath The P5000 point-and-shoot is just that - point-and-shoot. There's no manual focus.

@withaveeay I haven't owned many cameras and the only point-n-shoot still had manual focus as an option.

I didn't realize they made them without.


@draeath I've now found a manual focus option, but it's harder to work than just leaving the thing. Centre-weighting, continuous AF and setting it to a sort of semi-pre-focus help, but it's still hit and miss. Both these pictures required several stabs at the shutter button.

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