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GNU does provide some great tools, ddrescue for example

'The latest hypothetical real (inflation-adjusted) annual earnings are at $39,848, down 11.4% from 45-plus years ago.'

Programming in D | Aside, timing 'hello world' in D vs. 'hello world' in Go yields: 0.013s vs. 0.206s respectively

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So we have a Grand Cayman company which is a subsidiary of Genimous, a Chinese technology, which is ... (Quick internet search)... Building search hijacking technology. 😱

Read all about it here, sorry for the Medium link:

So, thanks but no thanks SearchEncrypt, I'll stick to and Duck Duck Go.

T(n)=O(f(n))⟺∃ constants c,n0 s.t. T(n)≤c⋅f(n)∀n≥n0

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Looks like what was old was new again in 2019. #c #programming

index | TIOBE - The Software Quality Company

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Update #openbsd 6.6 firefox package can be downloaded at if you want to test it :)

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sha256 55f35c9f41f769bd8acffc31e076998687f74a341385a7246ff6c438f59e0f2a

On , configuring gperf (in ports) fails with "env: -pipe: No such file or directory" ; running "make show=PIPE" yields "-pipe" however, so where is this supposed to be set exactly? Putting it in /etc/mk.conf hasn't solved the problem.

"Imagine we’re writing a C program and we need some random numbers." ...

"Complexity is such a bright candle for us hacker-moths" – Rusty Russell (creator of iptables)

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Canto XIV (1): Dante and Virgil enter the third ring of the Seventh Circle, a barren dessert with rain of fire. The souls of those who have disdain for God are condemned here. They skirt the burning sands until they come to a small river flowing out of the forest of the second ring along which is a path leading across the sands to the lower Circles of Hell. ...

'And the book’s introduction suggests a morality play that flatters all the prejudices of the right-thinking: “On the one side were the advocates of intellectual freedom, scientific progress, and political reform; on the other, the champions of authority, universal and unchanging knowledge, and fixed political hierarchy.”

Much more was at stake than mathematical technicalities.

Well and clearly written, Infinitesimal tells two stories about a...'

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