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Guess this is the end of me ever getting any work done from home

I think "Talk to me post-breach" should be my new response when people I've worked with try to poach me

Interviewed a guy yesterday for a security architect role and his resume listed skills including "3Com 10/100 Ethernet Controller"

Slack and HipChat are just gentrified IRC. You cannot change my mind.

Looks like all of the 1Password extensions have disappeared from the Firefox extension site...

Remember when I was trying to pull the 802.1x certs off of my AT&T router? Apparently my steps actually worked for someone... just not me!

Welcome to v2.7.1 hosting 2,881 good people who have authored 162,753 - we're a tiny in the and to for

Building a hardware ROM fuzzer and I want to do Fourier transforms on analog signals of varying voltages. Does anyone have suggestions for an ADC that can take up to ~14v and run on a quad SPI bus at around 300MHz?

I threw a Duracell at someone and the police charged me with battery

America’s most trusted authority on climate is a rodent called Punxsutawney Phil

When you are sleeping in an exit row, you may be called upon to open the exit and assist fellow passengers in exiting the aircraft if a crew member is unavailable to do so.

I started my Casio SK-1 ROM-bender project in EasyEDA, moved it to EAGLE/Fusion 360, and I recently moved it all to KiCad/FreeCAD

and when I say "moved" I really mean "remade"

what the hell is wrong with me

one day I'll actually finish this thing

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