Doing a presentation at work next week that will involve some live-coding and possibly a small slide deck. Any tips?

*decide to add a new feature to an open-source project*
*read the source*
*realize the feature exists*
*rinse, repeat*

In which Cisco blacklists curl in user-agent strings to 'fix' unauthenticated command injection on some of its devices

One thing in particular strikes me - the "Y" at the bottom-left. It put two of the traces at 45-degree offsets to slightly shorten the length of the trace feeding them and the overall trace length on the board.

It really doesn't just optimize for vias.

Honestly, I'm pretty damn impressed with how Freerouting autorouted these new boards

Everything else seems to fit. Once connectors arrive tomorrow I should have a prototype to play with

What are the benefits of more expensive 3D printers versus something like my inexpensive Ender 3?

I ordered a cheap batch of PCBs from PCBWay in China on Friday. They'll be at my door on Tuesday. Incredible.

Researchers asked 43 freelance developers to code the user registration for a web app and assessed how they implemented password storage. 26 devs initially chose to leave passwords as plaintext.

Those devs were then asked to rewrite their code to 'store passwords securely.' Overall here are the methods of password storage chosen by the developers:
10 - MD5
8 - Base64
7 - Bcrypt
5 - SHA-256
5 - PBKDF2
3 - AES
3 - 3DES
1 - SHA-1

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