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Remember when I was trying to pull the 802.1x certs off of my AT&T router? Apparently my steps actually worked for someone... just not me!

When you are sleeping in an exit row, you may be called upon to open the exit and assist fellow passengers in exiting the aircraft if a crew member is unavailable to do so.

Not my most amazing engineering work, but my Panavise now has a makeshift integrated hot air stand

The most tedious bit about doing PCB assembly by hand is unpackaging and organizing components before you begin

This one is gonna take two full project trays which are super helpful but if you knock it over you might as well just order a whole new BOM from your vendor

3D-printed PCB through-hole assembly jigging for holding parts in place while a board is upside-down for soldering.

I was asked to give a talk or run a workshop at WOPR Summit about lessons I've learned manufacturing homebrew electronics at (modest) scale. I wasn't able to make that commitment in time, but I will be writing up some blog posts in lieu of a presentation.

When I'm making a symbol for a connector to run a bunch of signals between two boards, I've started blocking off the pins logically and it's surprisingly helpful.

A deterministic hardware 27C256 fuzzer, designed to (initially) drop in to replace the ROM in the Casio SK-1 to generate weird noises.

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