@Ricardus I would rather have the 15 inch drivers. I'd add some ElectroVoice ST-350. There are plans on the Internet for TL computer designed cabinets which are excellent. I only wish I had bought an EV Patrician speaker system even if was only mono. Stereo was a space and money swallowing proposal for home audio systems, a small amplifier with medium range speaker was all that was really needed. Take a look at this page which has info on what I've just mentioned. audioxpress.com/article/rememb

@dervishe J'espère en voir un que vous avez glacé. Ils ont l'air délicieux, félicitations pour le nouveau mixeur, vous allez vous amuser avec. = I hope to see one that you've iced. They look delicious, congratulations on the new mixer, you'll have fun with it.

7,000 people held on Costa Cruises’ "Costa Smeralda" cruise ship after passenger develops suspected coronavirus symptoms | Fox News

@stefan @sobercatholic

This is the fruit of indoctrinating students as "socially responsible" activists. They have developed a "morality" anchored only in political ideology. As programmers they are completely certain it is their duty to censor and of the righteous in doing so. It is amazing how little they know (factually) of history.

Mastodon is a case in point. Supposedly anti-Nazi then later increasingly critical of free speech. Ironic as Nazi's were also strongly opposed to free speech.


It won't affect RCsocial.net. I have no plans to ban Gab. If Mastodon forces a ban, I will remove it from our instance. Should some clever way be found to make that alone insufficient and the workarounds too difficult (unlikely but possible), I would migrate us to the Gab code base which looks like it will have a lot more development behind it anyway.

All that said, of course there is speech I disapprove of on Gab. There is hateful speech that I disapprove of on mastodon.social too. Although their definition and mine of what constitutes "hate speech" is different. That is exactly why free speech is important.

In general, speech should not be regulated by those in control but by users (with few exceptions).

@starbreaker I think people are definitely trying to get away from fascists. Twitter was told about a person who was telling other people to commit suicide, but who did they ban? The people who told that person that should not say such things. Right now in USA things are turned upside down, lies become truth and truth becomes lies. There's a LOT of junk on Internet, I avoid it. But I want people from different domains to access communications.

@hypolite @zleap@social.isurf.ca I don't care at all for anti-Semitic things or pornography but I do care about applications blocking domains or country. I didn't care for the Soviet Union blocking Voice of America or Radio Liberty. I simply want people to have access to communication. While freedom of speech is guaranteed in USA, I don't have to listen to it, but I want them to say what they want. Communists and NAZIs were those who restricted free speech. No more NAZIs!

here's the app Google Play blocked github.com/zhiyuan-lin/TuskyUn
I care about applications blocking domains or country. I really did not support Soviet Union blocking Voice of America or Radio Liberty. I simply want people to have access to communication. It was the Communists and NAZIs who blocked electronic communication. Twitter is routinely blocking conservatives, while people advocating violence against those conservatives are not touched. No more NAZIs!

Tusky Uncensored has been removed from Google Play Store because it allows GAB users to login. Download it from github and fight censorship. github.com/zhiyuan-lin/TuskyUn

I know this isn't a desktop. It's a unique looking "old" game made with ASCII characters, it's called ASCII Sector. I dig this aesthetic. I would love a cli "desktop" environment that looked as cool as this.

@George Yes. I'm learning to navigate mastodon better. I think it's a hoot that sdf.org is still around and involved with mastodon.sdf.org They still have shell accounts!

P.S. Irfanview will also tell you if your alleged JPG is really a GIF, PNG, or whatever with the wrong extension, and offer to rename it. It's one smart proggie.

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