On July 4th, RCsocial.net reaches its 1 year anniversary!

Coincidentally, also happening this July 4th is the move of 1 million #Gab users to the federverse. We will be able to follow them and vice versa, just like all other ActivityPub sites. This is a big boost for free speech and in wrestling control from the oppressive tech giants.

It also provides much-needed balance to the anti-free-speech viewpoint of Mastodon developers.

@George There is a lot of junk on gab.ai but there's less censorship. The worst thing going on is ANTIFA who are fascists who physically attack those who disagree with them. That sounds just like the Hitler play book.

Antifa are text-book fascists. Their organized criminal behavior should be dealt with harshly - including not only the violent perpetrators but also the organizers. They are a criminal conspiracy in action.

As to junk on Gab, that is to be expected but should be no problem if users are given good tools to deal with it. User controlled blocks and filters for sure, but also means for the community to work together.


@George Yes. I'm learning to navigate mastodon better. I think it's a hoot that sdf.org is still around and involved with mastodon.sdf.org They still have shell accounts!

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