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Sea urchins like to pick up shells and rocks and wear them as "hats"; the reason isn't well-understood, but it may protect them from predators or help weigh them down so they're less likely to be washed away during storms. So some aquarists have taken to making tiny hats for their sea urchins, which the urchins voluntarily pick up and put on:

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Reddit stands for disinformation. Fuck Reddit.

Reddit CEO /u/spez dismisses rampant and motivated disinformation campaigns with "Dissent is a part of Reddit and the foundation of democracy".

There's a mythological belief, unsupported by evidence, that some "free marketplace of ideas" will arrive at truth. When examined, this is revealed to be, as much of what is transacted in that marketplace, nothing more than propaganda, here selling the idea of the free market itself. [1] The process by which truths come to be known and established is not debate, but experience: empirical study, the pragmatic recognition of models of ever-greater usefulness and accuracy, of observation and experiment. At best the marketplace trades on that commodity against the competing goods of attractive and self-serving myths, lies, legends, and distortions. Markets reward the shallow, short-term, convenient, and readily-expressed. Truth is often none of these, most especially complex and inconvenient truths. ...

#dreddit #disinformation #reddit #FuckReddit #FakeNews #covid19

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Why do politicians call allowing indoor gyms and dining “reopening the economy?”

A mysterious creature was digging holes in my little balcony herb garden last night. It was probably Sasquatch. They like basil and climb onto balconies.

Just had a very nice balcony espresso. Cooler today and the condo construction seems quieter.

My IRC world has moved from Freenode to Libera and it seems fine! I don’t understand why someone would destroy Freenode and what their objectives might be. Its hard to follow the money on this one. But it’s nice to see that the community is resilient and able to move quickly.

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Took a bikeshare down to the waterfront, hung around for a while, and walked home. Made it before it really started to get busy. 🚲 🚶‍♂️ 😷

Home safe! My parents gave me plants. I have so many nice herbs. 🪴

Off to visit my parents this weekend. I’m my own pod and half vaxxed, and so are they, and I take all the precautions. 😷 Be safe! 🦠 🦠 🦠 🚗

My sis gave me a bag of gesha beans and some nice filters for my birthday. Breakfast brew!

Sounds like I might be getting my second vaccine dose at 12 weeks without much trouble. Very happy about that!

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"Linux is free if your time has no value" is a cry for help.

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