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Testing out “Mast” iOS client for this thing. Seems nice! Was using Tootdon before. Toot!

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> be french developer
> go to a cafe
> put wine and baguette in respective holders
> enjoy the accordion music
> get out your ordinateur portable
> load up your logiciel libre
> disque dur is out of octets
> ask the local mime to buy you some

Strange and awesome beverage at lunch: Pear 🍐 and Habanero 🌶 soda.

A friend brought me some coffee home from Costa Rica. It’s great!

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how do i configure electron-builder to inject the bing toolbar, MSN homepage, etc. into the windows NSIS installer packages? i wanna give windows users the experience they've come to know and love :ablobcatangel:

I woke up 100% convinced that today was Thursday. It isn’t.

Idk how I feel about posting to Instagram. I like friends to see my photos but I hate supporting the Facebook machine. I could post here and would feel good, but my reach is very smol. Conflicted.

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Hey look! An ISO 9001 certified garlic peress. It's a kitchen thing™!

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you might not have known this, but google - the company you use for searching, email, maps, translation, data storage, watching videos, voice assistant tech, backing up your phone, storing photos, finding images, making purchases, making your phone's operating system, advertising, providing webfonts, running website analytics, providing captcha authentication, and browsing the internet - might be tracking you

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If you didn't yet know, Google is datamining GMail etc for purchase confirmation emails amongst other things and aggregating it for their own purposes in an extremely detailed way.

(Everything you purchased with order ids, detailed billing details, VAT, including subscriptions etc)

Do not believe a single word about how this information is kept private. There is zero reason to build a system to aggregate this and then not use it to make money out of.

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