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@sevan I haven’t looked, but I bet a download-book-from-safari script is out there 😁

@sevan My public library (Toronto) gives free access to safari with a library card… maybe yours does the same!

I also had a delicious coffee and a ginger-molasses cookie on a sunny patio! A very nice morning indeed.

University of Toronto cherry trees in bloom! And a very nice day. 🌸🌸🌸

Egg sandwich 

@Louisa it looks delicious.

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The balcony thing worked out great, until the HIGH POLLEN LEVEL 🌳 🌻 🐝 🌻 🌳 drove me back inside. I need to be able to breathe to concentrate on work!

Also going to make a new batch of simple syrup, since it’s getting to be iced coffee season. During the summer I keep a squeeze bottle of it in the fridge.

Good morning fediverse! It’s a sunny day in Toronto and I intend to spend most of it working from the balcony. ☀️🐦🐌

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I was reminded of "Finding Bessarion" today, for my fellow

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Very cool to see @netbsd here on SDF ! SDF is the largest NetBSD site in production and we've been running it since the 1.2 release while we were on DEC Alpha and currently on 9.x x86_64 Thanks to Eric Schnoebelen (RIP), Christos Zoulas, ryo (rsh), Masa Saitoh and ebijun as well as others for the support over the years!

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Dang nabbit, one day I'll get this toot right.

Drew another wee skullsnail. Marked sensitive for catoon skull, snail, tiny creepy crawly #MastoArt

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My latest article about inductive power just came out in Make Magazine!

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One of my trademark under-mixed “powder surprise” banana muffins and oat milk latte for breakfast!

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