Dinner tonight was a random assortment of things but they were all good, veggie dog w kimchi, some pesto pasta and a big bunch of salad!

As a reward for getting boosted, I got myself a fancy red bean yogurt smoothie at the local fancy yogurt smoothie place.

“Do not tighten the screw, or the product may burst.”

I bought a new dinosaur at Ikea last week. It’s awesome. They have 3 kinds, I chose the long-neck one.

Fish shaped great tea ice cream with red bean paste, was surprisingly good. They came 4 to a pack. Would buy again!

Clean! Coffee grinder all fresh for some nice new beans.

Replaced the filter in my fan coil unit. Three months of fresh clean downtown air.

Yesterday I spent the day on Toronto Island with the fam. It was an unusual amount of sunshine and outdoor time for me, but I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you SPF 45 for keeping me out of lobster sunburn territory.

My sister gave me two bags of coffee for my birthday… same variety (gesha), same farm (costa rica micro-lot), but different processing (cool vs warm natural process). Will be really fun to compare them. And natural process gesha is going to be quite the flavour bomb to start with 😀 ☕️ 💥

I also had a delicious coffee and a ginger-molasses cookie on a sunny patio! A very nice morning indeed.

University of Toronto cherry trees in bloom! And a very nice day. 🌸🌸🌸

One of my trademark under-mixed “powder surprise” banana muffins and oat milk latte for breakfast!

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