Good morning mastodon! Yesterday I was at a seminar learning about modern ways to attach the posters to billboards.

@publius Old way: multi-sheet paper and glue. New way: polyethylene single sheet, tensioned with surrounding springs or steel cable. Less mess, less ladder danger!


Interesting. I'm guessing the transition is fairly slow, as I'm pretty sure I'm still seeing a lot of multi-sheet glue-ups out there. Also I wonder about the effect of widespread social pressure against the use of plastics…

And of course there are the LED "giant video monitor" types (which I consider a hazard because of how distracting they are), and the segmented multi-view types.

@publius there is some saving to the plastic ones because they can be taken down and re-used or moved between sites, which is impossible with the paper. And the plastic can theoretically (but probably not realistically) be recycled whereas the paper cannot. Plastic also lasts much longer, paper has to be replaced often

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