Just noticed that since they announced their crypto coin thing, I’ve exchanged less than a dozen messages on Signal. Maybe it’s just me but suddenly it’s a ghost town.


@mhoye it’s pretty much them screaming YOU CAN’T TRUST US ANYMORE so I’m not really surprised. Altho I’ve always been wary of the phone number as identifier business too.

@dfraser @mhoye ditto to both points. I never got around to evaluating whether I could trust Signal enough to trust them with my phone number since the was an account creation gate; I sure as heck won't get around to it now.

"Zero trust" indeed.

@gnomon @dfraser @mhoye
What do you trust more than signal? Always looking for good suggestions :)

@servingworlds @gnomon @mhoye I don’t really trust anything, I guess. I feel like people should take care with their expectations of online privacy.

@dfraser @servingworlds @mhoye seconded.

I do not believe I can trust mobile devices: between the opaque development practices of "open source" Android, the outright hostility of iOS to inspection by developers, and the enormity and quality of baseband radio firmware, it is frankly always a better idea to install no app than just trying to pick the least untrustworthy one.

"What do you trust more than Signal?" presupposes that I must trust _something_. I mustn't.

@dfraser @mhoye I found this article. Don't know if it's all accurate but it seems like Signal and Marlinspike are trying to improve/sustzin Signal in good faith.

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