Dangit, I snapped the handle of our gooseneck kettle off one of its two fastening points this morning.

I can't fault the durability of the thing: we've had it for years and used it *a lot*, much more than I originally expected we would.

It looks like replacing it will be a bit of a chore: none of the shops nearby seem to have any stock and prices online are like 60% above MSRP. I'll try repairing it first, of course, but there isn't much surface area for glue to bind to. Fingers crossed.



(Just got another one of the same model we had before. We got about 7-8 good years of service from the last one and most of the components are still good; it's just the carafe handle that failed. I'm dismayed that I couldn't find just that one replacement part, but optimistic that in the future I might be able to.)


@gnomon new kettle: GET! and now you have a spare parts supply :D

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