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Replaced the unused Core 2 duo next to my desk with the Sun Blade 1500. It was running OpenBSD 6.2! I opted for a fresh install from scratch. Had trouble getting into the ofw ok prompt from a non-sun keyboard so I used a serial terminal to send a break and that worked. Fresh 6.9 install is up.

trying the with from and woah. This is way more usable than my last try. It's even enough to become my daily driver in a near futur (waiting for a nano sim->micro sim adapter). Being a SailfishOS user for a while now it's refreshing to use gtk/qt ui on a linux phone.

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Je suis étudiant en école d'ingénieur entrain d'effectuer sont PFE.

Et je cherche donc un job pour début septembre.

Je me suis spécialisé dans l'IoT et l'embarqué de façon générale. Je suis aussi intéressé par tout ce qui est développement bas niveau.

Je pose la question ici, car je souhaiterais travailler dans une société qui travaille sur du libre

Got a ! yay ! But it has a defect on the sim slot, aww :(

And maybe more defects ? Or is it that slow normally for the kde manjaro spin ? The "test videos" I can find shows it way more responsive ^^'

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RIP, Daniel Kaminski. You saved the DNS system instead of exploiting it.

"When a reporter asked Mr. Kaminsky why he did not exploit the DNS flaw to become immensely wealthy, he said that doing so would have been morally wrong, and that he did not want his mother to have to visit him in prison."

#Technology #Internet #Security #Privacy #DNS #Obituaries

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Microsoft now owns, or will soon own, one of the best text-to-speech engines for blind power-users, through its acquisition of Nuance. But the code has been abandoned for years. It seems unlikely that this TTS engine is a valuable asset for Microsoft. So let's petition them to open-source it. (No, I didn't start the petition, but I'm in agreement with it.)

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I feel really bad for all the hard working volunteers and FSF staff who put work into Libreplanet just for all their work to be overshadowed by some obnoxious old man crashing the party.

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OSI Response to RMS’s Reappointment to the Board of the Free Software Foundation -

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Remember, the SDF Plan9 Boot Camp for Spring 2021 begins on April 4th, 2021 and runs through June. If you are interested in participating please email membership to request your seat!

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FOSS maintainers "confessing" maintainer burnout to each other at conferences is a very real thing!

Buying stuff online can be wierd. On one hand I have the manufacturer that tells me that if I don't say anything before the delivery man leave no reclamation what so ever can be made. And on the other hand I have a delivery man that just want to drop the stuff and go.

So I need to open everything, count every pieces of my new desk (A big L shaped desk), confirm everything is there and fine and then let the delivery man leave.

This is absurd. For me and the man needing to be already elsewhere

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Petite question vite fait pour Mastodon : je sais que Lyon regorge de sociétés en lien avec l’IT, mais est-ce que vous avez des contacts pour faire de l’alternance ? J’ai bien envie de me lancer dans une formation TSSR avec le GRETA et l’alternance serait un gros plus pour moi :)

Repouets appréciés :)

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Random shout out for @brainblasted who has done amazing work right across @gnome 40 adapting apps to new patterns and fixing longstanding UX bugs

This will be an amazing release and a lot of that is thanks to Chris


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The way daft punk flipped the sample for one more time is still so crazy to me


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Yeah, a friend is looking for online plateforms where you can sell "hours to pick my brain" (aka mentoring, advice and consultancy) for tech expert (design, dev), any idea? There were 150 of those 3 y ago but can't find any that doesn't look shady anymore :/ #askingforhelp

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