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I had two laptop. The first one got "disabled" by an update... And at the same moment, someone spilled juice on my other laptop. Life ^^'

Having a true "GNU/Linux" as a phone is somewhat satisfying right now. Got a problem with my laptop; downloaded an ISO with transmission... dd the iso on a usb drive (usb-c) then boot the live usb. ^^'

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Cat stories: First month able to go outside after the "legal mandatory castration". She get into a fight with a neighbor cat. It look okay but then 2 days after one of her paw is infected. We get antibiotics at the vet and told that, even if it never happen before in the vet career, that we must get back here if start bleeding. The next day it start bleeding... Vet again for an operation. Now everything is fine for 5 days. We let her go out. She just came back with both eyes closed and in pain.

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First full selinux archlinux update done "automatically" via "yay" on archlinux. Let's hope it won't break that server ;) (I don't trust AUR Helper but.. updating every package is time consuming ;) If it break... meh.. At least I would have tried it and not just sit on my last experiences / opinions.

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Presenting the least useful Pi Hat ever- the Raspberry Pi Zero RF Modulator. The answer to the question nobody was asking: “How can I display my raspberry Pi Zero on an antique TV?”


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I built a website to occupy people during quarantine that updates midnight UTC -

Something totaly illegal from where I'm from: In France EDF (electrical bill) sent me a letter the march 25 (recived yesterday...) warning me that the prices changed the march 11. Wierd... Like "you used the power at that price rate last month.. Be we feel we didn't made enough money so we are changing those rates even if you already used that power".

Ah; DayZ. My favorite game. The problem; It run only on Windows because of Battleye ( I used gpu passtrough with a vm in the past; The only problem was the thermals. 2 fans destroyed later I will now test something else; a Win10 installed only on a usb drive so It won't touch my other encrypted drives. The thermal problem was related to the nvidia guest driver getting wrong thermal reading from the virtio host driver.

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Related: 6 stages of debugging...
1. That can’t happen.
2. That doesn’t happen on my machine.
3. That shouldn’t happen.
4. Why does that happen?
5. Oh, I see.
6. How did that ever work?
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"Why LUKS doesn't work on FreeBSD ?! oh... LUKS stand for **Linux Unified Key Setup**"... ^^' Sometime I forget how my workflows are "Linux centric"...

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