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Computer Games for Libre Software Users

Do you play #games?

0 A.D., like Age of Empires
2048, fun puzzle
Chromium BSU, aircraft shooting arcade
Flare RPG, adventure
Frozen Bubble, shoot colorful marbles
Minetest, like Minecraft
Swell Foop, play colors for kids
SuperTux, like Super Mario
SuperTuxKart, racing
TuxFootball, play soccer
TuxMath, play math for kids
TuxTyping, play keyboard
OpenArena, like Counter Strike
Warzone 2100, like Starcraft
Zaz, like Zuma or Luxor

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

I’m about to try elementary OS again as a workstation. Right now I was pretty happy with fedora but I’ve got some glitches that are just annoying… like those gnome software center ‘ bugs where you need to kill the process to be able to update or download anything… or those “night shift” (redish screen) that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. And those bugs aren’t “gnome” since those works nicely on archlinux with gnome. Elementary OS 6 look nice ^^’ it’s typical with hp printer ;) on windows you need to download the driver with it’s spyware/compagnon app via windows update most of the time. Did you try to just install hplip, plug it via USB and run gnome document scanner (simple-scan) ? For me on fedora it work out of the box for any of the wide range of hp printer I had to use. On archlinux, and many other distro, you may need additional step ^^’ but now it’s generally to allow usb usage (ah, Linux security. we love it)

@alcinnz a mention of Sailfish OS could have been a nice addition to the « not perfect but better than full google/iOS » list ^^’

@ParadeGrotesque yep. But politeness don’t mean kindness. Here is my France’ village where I moved they all say « welcome » every time they cross each other… outdoor, super market, etc. But they still do it even if they deeply hate the one they’re saying welcome to. That’s one of the things I found strange in that new country ^^’ If I hate you, I won’t be saying a big welcome to you with a big smile every time I see you ;) I don’t hate anyone but eh if I did I would not :p

@jss A friendly warning; don’t judge « Linux » from Ubuntu ^^’ Ubuntu did really well years ago by making Linux accessible to many new users…. But now it’s more like a old man we respect and visit Time to time. Ubuntu has many issues that, for a BSD user, can look awful. Like their « not-a-single-unpatched-upstream-package » that make everything, even old c lib and program, act weird.. (example: dd). You could try Fedora for a full user experience, Archlinux for a « more control » or Gento ^^’

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@publius did you tried nautilus ? It has an embed disk burning utility.

While in Mexico there is no more vaccine and hospitals are full of young people dying with the third wave, here in France some people do every they can to stop mandatory vaccination. What a world. Funny how US citizen still fear communism because of the old cold war propaganda while actually not a communism principle touched them. This fear became the scarecrow far right used to stop any social improvement for a while now.

If one is a far right activist he should call the far left bullshit for what it is instead of that insult to intelligence by calling it communism.

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Бронзы Бить CAFÉ 80s 45 - Borderline

Join the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew and cross the boundary into the internet’s sub-basement to enjoy a collection of musical edge cases, neither of the eighties, but simultaneously definitive of that magical period in time.

Come for the sonic chronological transcendence, stay for the fun of the COMMODE party. >>> 00:00 utc saturday (that’s today!)

All are welcome - come join a global crew of interesting folk 🦄👽🤖

@Sabex It's easy to get it; it's a fiscal problem.

They want to pay 6 figures salaries (to theirs doctors and the minimum wages to others...) and pay little to no taxes. They need to stay in the "company size" where the government allow such things.

It's way more complex than that.. but it's the concept.

@Sabex There is a "lack" of dentist in my area and they know it...

That one is 45min of car away. The next one who can take someone is 1h40 and is alike the first one in term of communication.

There is many dentist cabinet all around but they have their regulars and don't want to grow.

@pony A thing I seen many... many time and I hate it each time; A child start to clean up his mess in a train/bus/park and the mother stop him telling her child that "There is people for that".

With a parent like that I wonder how the kid will turn out for the society...

@salixlucida yeah if you use any exchanges cooperating with law enforcement, it’s don’t start well ^^’ and yep tools to track laundering are evolving too. At least for now most method are ahead of them.

Most people launder for privacy; not for illegal stuff. But eh… give any way to move cash “outside the system” and you get many bad guys around for some reason…

@salixlucida the key is a double security; make them works for years to find you. and once they find you then they find your mule… that usually just dropped the cash at a dead drop years ago and never saw you… you’re just a forum user

no one ask for Bitcoin for hack today. way too priced. You loose most of it by anonymizing it

Now they just give IBAN code from a bank that don’t care about “your law”

Please dont use Bitcoin for illegal stuff. That currency was supposed to free us from banks^^’

@salixlucida yeah’ish. If you came prepared you’ll have a wallet that has no link to you receiving the money. Then you split the amount in random fractions of max 2$ and mix them with random other transactions from other peoples (anonymization services). you “launder” it 10 time an hours for months or even years in as much wallets. in the end you spent more than 95% of it in transactions fees. Then you don’t consolidate; you use a mule to go get 100$ here and there with a fee. And then “profit”.

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