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Thousands march in Hong Kong on China handover anniversary - live

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@delawen I'm from Canada and while there is still much to do about that, unless you live far away from a big city; you are prety much okay in every day life. At least it's the general feeling of most of the femisits activsts I know. I'm even going to the weeding of one of them (legal lesbian weeding, yay :D ) this summer :) Anyway... The fight continue ^^' example : for equal pay (historicaly women jobs still pay less.. Erf).

@angristan Well :P Tell that to a sysadmin :P But meh, it's just a possibility. It may not be that at all.

@pedro @angristan They do :( You even accept it in the licence agreement. But here is not the case I think. They mostly do it while the computer is awake and plugged for what I've seen. It's the collecting of all your personal data that they do by waking up for a short period of time at night when the laptop is asleep. But sometime it "break" and stall there... Often fixed at the next upgrade.

@angristan It's a real problem for sysadmin in Mac labs with more than 100 computers. With Apple official tools to manage labs you can schedule it or even disable it with some licences.

The nightmare is when an update is "forced" by Apple and it reset everything.. and then they all try to send their usages to Apple and it crash the network...

@angristan Well.. With a mac you're only a "user". Apple decide what the computer will allow you to do and how it will do stuff. This look like a "remote study" (it make sums of your online activities and apps usages and send them to Apple. You can't disable it on the vanilla iOS). You could check your ISP for data usage at that time to confirm it.

It could be a lot of things, but this is what I've seen the most. merci pour cette décourvete. Je viens d'ajouter le vin de rubarbe à ma liste de chose à essayer en France :D

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@mayel nazi are just week minded and frustrated people. Because their arguments are almost always ridiculous, if they refuse other idea they should just be blocked or be exclude .. Because they're lile cancer and no dialog is possible. I any case, freedom of speech only shield you from being persecuted by the government for what you think. People can still exclude you from anything non-governmental simply because they think you're an asshole. So no "liberal" stuff here...

@mayel I use tooter on my side ^^' Sailfish OS for the win :D

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