@paradroyd retro computing and showers have often this lightning theme in common ;)

Every time I see a movie title with "Transformers".. since they usually split the name "Trans Former" on their covers... I can't help to read it backward; "Former trans"...

When using flatpak on my pinephone, sometime it just freeze. If I close the display I can't get it back on. (Archlinux Arm).

Today I just did a simple flatpak update on my desktop; And the cpu/ram usage is extreme... So I guess it's why my pinephone frooze ^^'

When someone ask me to use Microsoft Teams... It always feels being ask to send a fax; It's an old buggy skype adpatation that didn't evovled in the last 10 years (The call engine at least).

The fact that it's being used by most of the work place I know, even if they experience bugs on a daily basis, is beyond me.. there is so much alternatives that does the job better...

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@libreleah@mas.to nice. I hope I'll have the hardware required to flash my thinkpad x200t to libreboot/coreboot soon. While flashing with the pins on the x200 was easy, the "protected chip" on x200t made me go back. I'm not even sure I understood the procedure of changing the chip like you just did.

@libreleah@mas.to what am I looking at ? ^^'

@monorail same here. It's so absurd sometime when the information literaly touched 3 continents for a "poo" emoticon...

yet an other project I have: give "lora compatible" phones to relative in 10km range. but yeah whatapp is hard to let go ;)

@claudiom "when time permits"; a dangerous sentence 😉

I just bough the new and now I want to build a lora network ^^'

@adamd I had the same kind of run with a thinkpad x200t and the main thing that made me sad was the low resolution screen. After that there's the CPU (Maxed it with a new motherboard, cpu is soldered to it) that is not enough for most modern "webapp"... Since I like to play on roll20.net, it's not fun...

But... BUT.. it became an excellent "orbiter", is run nothing; just a terminal. And it's form factor, the keyboard and the battery life are making it worth it.

I remember years ago when I was at the last stop before the end of my worldwide trip... When the women I was talking to was a flat-earthers and she got angry when I told her I was somewhat a proof earth was round since I just kept west and... here I am.. about to be back home...

It make me sad that this situation has similitude with the covid in the way that people don't want to be wrong... and get angry instead to trying to think about it.

Anyway this is a late night tough.. I'm so tired...

250go to load with a 2mo/sec link... 2-3 days ^^'

It not fun that many "new linux app" devs choose to only deploy/package to/for Flatpak.

While it look nice and fun, some of those apps are destined for mobile usage (via phosh, kde mobile or others)... And those project usually runs on not really powerful hardware.

A flatpak use "a little more" resource (Massive disk storage and a little more cpu) than a packaged one... and on a Pinephone... well... it change everything.

Windows server technician: "You're telling me you have experience with FreeBSD and most of linux distrubution out here ? How is that possible ?"

me: "Have you ever heard of disto hopping ? 15 years..."

Well I decided to try instead my first choice for my work laptop because I need to use "microsoft teams". I got tired of the bugs and inconsistencies of Pop OS and Fedora. While they they are excellent distributions, they are far from the stability FreeBSD (and other BSD OS) can offer.

But the pure Debian experience (And not from a "ubuntu'ish) feel really close to FreeBSD. It's really weird ^^' even the scroll lock function work as expected in the tty with the right keymap ;)

@thomask If we follow that logic, literally nothing is safe; from Microsoft, Apple and others to the purest GNU system.

While being technically correct; The point with technologies is to achieve "a minimum" of security. Nothing electronic is "safe"; but many things are "enough safe" ^^'

That being said; I don't think self hosting is about security; In my opinion it's more about control.

@freakazoid It could be hardware issue too; a buffer failing on the modem/router or simply your wifi being unstable.

But comcast is know to be "inovators" in ways to be cheap and anoy its users ;)

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