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OpenBSD people ... I have a question as I am preparing an article for the next episode about OpenBSD in general and PF...

Just exactly/approx. how good of a firewall You can build out of OpenBSD? Should I simply think of pFsense or it can go way beyond that (more secure, more features, IDS/IPS)?

Microsoft technologies are fun and all until you find a bug and all they can say is: "We know it exist, and we won't share any source code so you could find a workaround.. And it's likely to be fixed in 2-3 years". (Dotnet engine error). Proposed solution by microsoft: Run your production environment in "debug" mode; the bug don't happen when in debug". So the app, already taking 12go to disk space and 4 go of ram will now take more than 20go of space and 9go of ram... Project folder is 12mo.

@videomurder @velartrill Feel free to give other material has they are interesting :D And I'm not like "mask are shit"; I'm more like "Mask are awesome... Please wear one like everybody so we're all safe" 😅 They're only useful when used correctly ^^' Cheers, I stop spamming if you don't intend to respond.

@videomurder @velartrill About those cheap mask : "These types of masks may not be effective in blocking virus particles that may be transmitted by coughing, sneezing or certain medical procedures. They do not provide complete protection from virus particles because of a potential loose fit and the materials used."

I'm no expert.. So... I can be wrong ^^' And I'm not trying to be "right"; I try to stick to the experts ^^'

@videomurder @velartrill Indeed they are. I took the time to look at your document (and it's sources, interesting) and... maybe we did not understand each others but it confirm my point (That the protection rate drop dramatically for an wearer with someone who don't have one). But sadly, they are testing with non-liquid, round shaped particle. page 9

The virus complex shape (and from liquid projection) make tissue mask even less effective. But that's an other problem...

@videomurder @velartrill Cheap mask, the ones widely used, don't really (5-6% protection). They're not magic; they just stop your projection to get to other people... And won't stop revived projection much (simple tissue... no active filter...)

But, of course, the "higher quality mask" (ffp2 and others) do protect you more from others. Those are, sadly, not really easily accessible for now.

So.. it's still a good idea to wear one in any case because we're contagious without symptom at start.

@velartrill ... it may mean they prefer the scientific worldwide consensus over 10 discredited doctors on youtube... And since it don't protect you but others... I could also be because it display a "I'm not a selfish asshole" ? who know...

@maltimore On my side I heard really bad things about nordvpn ^^' There is rumor that they became an "honey pot".

I didn't knew ipredator. hmm ^^'

Maybe I will just stick with tor... But it's annoying how everyone block you once they detect you come from an exit node... "no thrust" :P

@maltimore ;) In any case; their whole system is falling apart pieces by pieces... Everything was run by one guy and he "disappeared" and no one know what's going on it seems.

So... Yeah.. I think I need a new vpn provider. Any suggestion ? :P

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