Trying ( VPN (Paid version). Let's try that one for a while.

Well, I had to give away to be able to my main drive.

I did use f2fs into a luks encrypted drive in the past.. but now mkfs.f2fs won't let you. hm.

@salixlucida Well, they like it when it's them who are holding the cards ^^' not the other way around :P

; Those in are really bad... The internal dhcp keep crashing.

I just finished my "alternative" wifi provider; a black wireless with an USB eth adapter.

Even if the signal is weaker, I don't know how they messed that up, but I have a gain in general network performance with the small embed radio of the beaglebone...

@salixlucida what a nice new avatar. Is it custom made or generated with a tool ?

Anyone here else is going to the this year ? :)

is nice... Have you ever tried to explain to someone who never used a non-binary non-systemd distribution how to connect to a wifi network ? That was fun ^^'

@quad @lain I hope they will upstream the shit of everything so it won't became an "ubuntu mess" and create a brick wall for innovation...

A while ago I tried to run under . After many "look it's working then randomly crash", I gave up. I just found this: and well, it does work really well. The only sad point is that now I don't have the time I had back then to play ^^'

Pourquoi au ont est des leaders en archéologie ? L'entraînement...

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Ah, en ce dimanche, les cathos ont sévi en sortant de la messe, confondant encore porno et éducation sexuelle. Heureusement, l'autocollant était tout frais, il est parti tout seul 😁

@amiloradovsky @boilingsteam Like @boilingsteam said. I did had to study the cost for a new version of the app for where I was working... The user reach you can have with a simple web-app compared to any "native" solution is really big and can justify the cost to switch (from native) alone. Just the "step" to install anything, even the electron-based web app, is a big stopper these days...

@trurl Thank you for the idea for sweet potatoes. We will definitely do something with that (fries and more). We will probably do a chili too :)

I'm having some of my girlfriend friends over for the week-end. The chalenge will be to eat together. We need to find recipes with those specifications: No gluten, vegan, not too much fibers and no nuts.

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