@stephaniewalter Le logement dans les grandes villes c'est vraiment hors de contrôle.

Les propriétaires ce victimisent de plusieurs façon pour essayer de ne pas porter le blâme (Gouvernement taxe si, ville impose cela...)... Bien que ce ne soit pas noir ou blanc, les profits engrangés par ce domaine semblent parler d'eux-mêmes...

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#jeChercheUnJob d'administrateur systèmes expert Linux, sur Grenoble et son agglomération, ou en télétravail. J'ai 10 ans d'expériences sur les systèmes GNU/Linux, en particulier Debian, mais pas uniquement. J'ai déjà administré des serveurs web, base de données, Docker, de paiement, mais aussi d'applicatifs plus spécifiques.
L'entreprise idéale est une PME <100 personnes.
J'ai un CV semi anonyme sur owncloud.dedikam.com/index.php
Contact en DM pour mes coordonnées.
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@maltimore The problem with KDE neon is that they are using an old base with latest kde. It's nice if you're using it like me on an old laptop. But on recent hardware the drivers are either too old or badly patched to make them work with the old kernels and stuffs.

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We still have 12 new SDF Ceramic Mug Cups available for good homes in the SDF Fundraiser store from that hidden stash we found in a storage box! They feature a stainless steel cap and were made to celebrate SDF's 25th anniversary in 2012.


Thank you for supporting SDF

Well, the nouveau support for my video card finally came. I was testing fedora and forgot to do the usual "nouveau.modeset=0" when suddenly it worked anyway ^^' Just tested "PRIME" and it work ! And the discrete video card shut itself after a moment when not used. It's just perfect. Woah.

@twovoyagers It looks like I will give up;

The device rely on "imx" display driver to be able to use it's hdmi port.... The problem is that it provide an implementation of opengl and it conflict mesa.

The "kodi-imx" package is broken and (probably) won't be fixed....So no kodi with imx... and no display without imx. yay

@twovoyagers Yeah... Indeed. Right now I want to build a "media station" (kodi auto-start).. And... I have.. many.. many issues.

Well.. I was sure one would need a "display driver" to use xorg on a beaglebone black. I installed a minimal xorg and... it magically worked out of the box (tested because I was wondering what would be the driver (not intel, nvidia or anything I knew). (Archlinux Arm). It should not ^^' I should have to do at least something... a "generic driver" or an old old-made c compil for an old unknown driver... hm

It's been a while I touched nodejs. In the sector I am it's seen as unreliable, unsafe, unstable and just bad. I wanted to try a small app with npm... and the message it gave me at the end... :
"found 29 vulnerabilities (9 low, 3 moderate, 17 high)".

Well... now at least they advertise some of them now ^^'

A bird just fell into my chimney (About 10 meters) 10 min ago. I took apart my fireplace to free it... And while doing that I forgot about my cat...

The second the bird got out of it, my cat was flying into the air to intercept the poor bastard... I had to open the jaws of my cat to let it free again... two time...

@BluRaf Oh. Sorry. Took the time to check and well... yeah my bad.

Did you tried qemu with hardware passthrough for the items you what to use winXP with ?

@cadadr ok. I don't use git like that ;) interesting however.

My backup system is 3 physical disks with 3 levels of stuff.. level 1 is on 3 of them, and the third level is only on one of them (I need more space :P). So... everything I can't function without are on the "level one" (gpg, ssh keys, etc..) (about 50 mo), 2: Documents and project files (about 450 go)... 3: MOVIE and pictures (about 8to).


@lucie Prêt ou alors "débordement massif" ?

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