@stephaniewalter yep that's nasty. I got something like that too a week ago.

City skyline game under linux; Big map and a lot of mods: load under 5 seconds. Same game and settings under windows : cannot load the game; 32 go of ram and 8go of dedicated gpu ram is not enough... Damn...

If I ever have a daughter; I would get mad if this happen...

@cadadr I did that... I left debian and tested eOs. eOs feed me up with it's old base, old kernel (no latess intel support.. Problematic for my with a laptop with bubblebee) (if you update it manualy you get a loot of random bugs) and a growing interest to force people to pay for stuff otherwise free on other distro. Then I got back on archlinux and I'm at peace again... For now ;)

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telnet mapscii.me # For maps in your terminal from OpenStreetMap. Use arrow keys to move around and a/z to zoom in/out. Or use your mouse if your terminal supports that.

@xzenia well.. Been playing screeps and it's pretty much it with memories (tried that.. Didn't turn out well.. Try the next best calculated course...and it goes like that for a list of pre-programed reactions for particular events ). Screeps is like cocain for programer.. If you don't play right now.. Stay away from it ^^'

@xzenia so.. You like when the job is done or you like breaking everything ? ^^'

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@wezm ah! You are in France too ! (time zone set). Just trolling a bit. Thanks for these notes. :)

@Natouille ce que je n'aime pas de ce service google, c'est qu'à chaque fois que tu "dévérouille" ta carte avec le ccv; il te met une transaction en "pending" sur ton compte de crédit... Un usage continue crer un océan de petite transaction qui n'aboutissent pas... Et avec ma banque ça reste 3 mois.

@ParadeGrotesque Yep. Was it a "part one" of something ? I just watched it while doing something else.. ^^'

@SDF is down right now... but it's beeing worked on :) "Mon Jul 1 13:20:49 UTC 2019
the main cluster raid filesystem has developed inconsistencies and is
currently being repaired. This will take some time, thank you for your patience.
In Progress"

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