If I ever have a daughter; I would get mad if this happen...

Ed sheeran live at Lyon. Cool :) Start in about 1h30 ^^'

Public service announcement for those "I can continue my hate speech because of free speech": xkcd.com/1357/

In France with French Gf: "hey we're gonna eat pizza tonight :) I know you miss your american pizzas so I found you something !". Me, hoping for some "tomato/normal chesse/pepperoni" : oh... Okay... Thanks ^^'

I had fun changing the thermal system on my "big" laptop today :) (non-free OS because of (bah-dum-tss) an Nvidia recent graphic card.)

I wanted some time "offline" to concentrate ;) (image didn't loaded on previous post)

Yet Trump and Republicans in Congress call any regulation "socialism." -- Robert Reich

[Cartoon: Adam Zyglis]

Yup ^^’ you can help your body with more healthy practice like drinking enough water :)

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