I'm looking for a fediverse server that would be able to run on a small arm device. I got about 200mo to spare and max 300mo or ram. Everything I found for now need at least 1gb of ram ^^'

Maybe I'll write an server in C one day ^^'

@Gabriel Havin Hubzilla on 1GB RAM Raspberry Pi3: showing 287MB used, 480MB cache. PHP memory limit for Hubzilla is 192MB, but can be 128MB (sometimes stream with complex threads did not load with that). That is with stock Raspbian and Postgre without any mem optimisation and some more things running on the device (influx, openvpn).

@michal yep I was a fan of hubzilla... I even built some plugins for it for my instance a while ago. But it's PHP. I worked with PHP for many years and now for my "hobby projects" I just don't want to do any PHP stuff ^^'. So... Yeah I got a pretty stupid raison not to try hubzilla ;)

@dfs yea I came back to C++ modifying something some time ago and I couldnt beleive how low-level it was dealing with all those malloc's and pointers, time consuming. Basically, it does almost nothing for you.

@michal but it's the purity of it. I like C (and not c++) for this: it does exactly what you ask of it; nothing more.

I have re-did many low level function only to understand them for fun and it made me progress a lot in every other language.

Php is "close to c" in term of performance compared to many other languages and still is lightyears from C speed. Same for "go".

So... A C activityPub not dependant of a big "helper stack" would nice to implement ^^'

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