I finally was able to contact my dentist. They use a weird system where there is only one way to contact them; A phone line that ring 4 time, available 10h-12h, and if no one answer it just hang up automatically. No mail or other way to contact them. And no one ever answer.

So I set up an Asterisk-FreePBX server with my number at voip ms and made the system ring them none stop and connect me via my cellphone upon success

Took them ~1.5 hours to respond... The women was pissed ^^' (372 calls)

@df5t0rw change dentist?

I did the same with a long distance learning company that claimed I owed them money except I used faxes (this was a long time ago). I spammed the fuckers with twenty faxes daily until they sorted the records out


@Sabex There is a "lack" of dentist in my area and they know it...

That one is 45min of car away. The next one who can take someone is 1h40 and is alike the first one in term of communication.

There is many dentist cabinet all around but they have their regulars and don't want to grow.

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@df5t0rw Wow, that sucks. I never understood businesses that didn't want to grow.

@Sabex It's easy to get it; it's a fiscal problem.

They want to pay 6 figures salaries (to theirs doctors and the minimum wages to others...) and pay little to no taxes. They need to stay in the "company size" where the government allow such things.

It's way more complex than that.. but it's the concept.

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