pffft they're not even on TLS 1.3 yet ;)

(I have no idea what I'm talking about)

@maltimore ;) In any case; their whole system is falling apart pieces by pieces... Everything was run by one guy and he "disappeared" and no one know what's going on it seems.

So... Yeah.. I think I need a new vpn provider. Any suggestion ? :P

@df5t0rw hmm I tend to trust VPNs that also run Tor exit relays ;)
ipredator I believe runs the biggest relay. Also heard good things about NordVPN


@maltimore On my side I heard really bad things about nordvpn ^^' There is rumor that they became an "honey pot".

I didn't knew ipredator. hmm ^^'

Maybe I will just stick with tor... But it's annoying how everyone block you once they detect you come from an exit node... "no thrust" :P

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